Mixing & Mastering (Examples)

Katom - EP (mixing engineer) 2020  Link

Katom Live Mode 2 (recorded, mixed, mastered) 2020 Link

Katom Live Mode 3 (recorded, mixed, mastered) 2020 Link

UNITY - Live @Birdseye (mixed, mastered) 2020 Link

1st Kntkt  (mastering engineer)  2020 Link

Yumi Ito Orchestra - Is It You (mixing & mastering engineer) 2020 Link 

Argot  (mixing engineer) Sam Barnett Quartet 2020

'Ease on Down' by Omari Carter (Motion Dance Collective). 2017 (composer/producer)
Finalist in the Best Soundtrack category of the My Røde Reel - Short Film Competition 


Photographer: Georg Aerni - source